Alismataceae (Arrowhead Family)
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Alismataceae   (Arrowhead Family)

*three green sepals
*three white or pinkish petals
*stamens and pistils numerous in most species
*each pistil usually contains one ovule
*leaves come from long stalks from base of plant
*found in water or mud

Family: Alismataceae

     Genera and Species:
          Genus: Alisma (water-plantain)
                 A. triviale
                 A. plantago-aquatica
                 A. subcordatum
                 A. gramineum
          Genus: Sagittaria (arrowheads)
                 S. latifolia (wapato)
                 S. engelmanniana
                 S. cuneata
                 S. montevidensis
                 S. graminea
                 S. rigida
                 S. spatulata
                 S. teres