Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)
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Orchidaceae   (Orchid Family)

*roots of all orchids are assoicated with fungi
*six  perianth parts,  three outer parts are sepals often but not 
always colored differently from the three petals
*flower bilateral
*one  or two stamens,  the style,  and the stigma are all  joined 
forming the column
*ovary inferior
*seeds are very small

Family: Orchidaceae

     Genera and Species:
          Genus: Cypripedium (lady'-slippers or moccasin-flower)
                 C. acaule (stemless lady's-slipper)
                 C. calceolus (yellow lady's-slipper)
                 C. candidum (white lady's-slipper) 
                 C. reginae (showy lady's slipper)
                 C. arietinum (ram's-head)
          Genus: Calopogon
                 C. pulchellus (grass-pink)
          Genus: Malaxis (adder's-mouth)
                 M. unifolia (green adder's-mouth)
                 M. brachypoda (white adder's mouth)   
                 M. monophyllos   
          Genus: Isotria
                 I. verticillata (five-leaves)
          Genus: Calypso
                 C. bulbosa (calypso or fairy-slipper)   
          Genus: Arethusa
                 A. bulbosa (dragon's-mouth or bog-pink) 
          Genus: Cleistes
                 C. divaricata (rosebud orchid)
          Genus: Pogonia
                 P. ophioglossoides (snake-mouth)
          Genus: Aplectrum
                 A. hyemale (putty-root or Adam-and-Eve)
          Genus: Corallorhiza (coral-roots)
                 C. maculata
                 C. trifida
                 C. striata
                 C. wisteriana   
          Genus: Epipactis
                 E. helleborine (helleborine)
          Genus: Listera (twayblades)
                 L. cordata
                 L. australis
          Genus: Triphora
                 T. trianthophora (three-birds)
          Genus: Orchis
                 O. spectabilis (showy orchis)
          Genus: Habenaria (rein orchids and fringed orchids)
                 H. psycodes
                 H. lacera
                 H. blephariglottis
                 H. cristata
                 H. ciliaris
                 H. hookeri
                 H. orbiculata
                 H. flava
                 H. dilatata
                 H. clavellata
                 H. hyperborea
                 H. viridis 
          Genus: Liparis (twayblades)
                 L. lilifolia
                 L. loeselii
          Genus: Goodyera (rattlesnake-plantains)
                 G. repens
                 G. tesselata
                 G. oblongifolia
                 G. pubescens
          Genus: Spiranthes (ladies'tresses)
                 S. cernua
                 S. romanzoffiana
                 S. ovalis
                 S. gracilis
                 S. vernalis
                 S. grayi
                 S. lucida
                 S. praecox