NCAA 1991 Final-Kansas
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     NCAA 1991 Final - Kansas

   But celebration had to be put on hold.  Duke was not yet the 
National Champion and if that was the prize they really wanted, 
they still had work ahead of them.  Coach K had to 
get their attention refocused on the next game, not the last 
game.  More challenging was to handle a team with some very tired 
players.  Substitution started right from the beginning.  The 
bench would play a part.  Koubek in his last college game opened 
the scoring with a 3 point shot, followed shortly by Grant 
Hill's catch from Bobby Hurley, a ball destined for the stands, 
but instead a lob into the basket and a Sport Illustrated cover.  
McCaffrey coming off the bench was hitting his 3 pointers.  
Another lob from Hurley found Brian Davis ready for a dunk.  It 
was to be Davis again dunking to put the last score on the board. 
Time was 0:0 - Score Duke 72 Kansas 65 - Coach K could celebrate! 

        Kansas NCAA 1991 1st half
        Kansas NCAA 1991 2nd half