NCAA 1991 Semi Final-UNLV
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     NCAA 1991 Semi Final - UNLV

   Duke stole the shark from the Tark.  UNLV could and would be 

   Coach K's words "If it's close at the end, it will be new for 
them.  They haven't been there.  You have.  Keep it close and the 
advantage is ours"

   At half time, the score was 43-41 Vegas.
   At 2:32 remaining,  76-71 Vegas.
   At 2:16 Bobby Hurley for 3 to make it 76-74 Vegas and the drama 

   17 ties
   25 lead changes

   Duke pulls off the upset, a very deserving reward for their 

        UNLV NCAA 1991 1st half
        UNLV NCAA 1991 2nd half