NCAA 1992 Semi Final-Indiana
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     NCAA 1992 Semi Final - Indiana
     Indiana saw the key to the game was to shut down Laettner 
and Hurley.  Hurley was not to be shut down.  Indiana 
outplayed Duke in the first half, with Hurley being key to 
keeping Duke from being only 5 points down.  The second half saw 
Duke defence pick up with a 13-0 early run.  The Hoosiers did 
seem out of it until less than a  minute remaining when they 
pulled within 3. Duke free throwing ability surfaced again and 
Duke would win by 3.  It was a physical game, plenty of bumps and 
bruises but the Blue Devils would play in the Championship game.       

        Indiana NCAA 1992 1st half
        Indiana NCAA 1992 2nd half