Notes, Acknowledgements, Disclaimers
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   Notes, Acknowledgements, Disclaimers


       The information contained in this program came from: 

               Duke Sports Information 

               Duke University Archives

       We would like to thank Mike Sobb, Mike Cragg, and William E. King

       for their help in compiling this information.

       We have attempted to insure that this information is as accurate

       as possible.  As you go back into the history, the game records

       become harder to read and many of them are unavailable.  We 

       cannot warrant the reliability of any information in this program.

       This program is copyright 1992-94 by Information Navigation, Inc.

       Please write or call if you have any suggestions for additions

       to this database       


               Information Navigation

               4201 University Drive #102

               Durham, NC 27707

               (919) 493-4390           

       Database Date 05/01/94